Black Sand Beach 1: Are You Afraid of the Light?

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This summer vacation is anything but a dream trip. The first book in a spooky, witty new graphic novel series from bestselling Blastosaurus creator Richard Fairgray, perfect for fans of Gravity Falls, Rickety Stitch, and Fake Blood.

Twelve-year-old Dash and his best friend Lily are spending the summer at Black Sand Beach, where Dash's family has a house. Lily can't understand why Dash isn't more excited. Three months of surf, sand, and sun. It should be a dream!

But Black Sand Beach is not that kind of vacation spot.

The house is a shack, and all of Dash's weird relatives are there. More alarming is the zombie ram that crashes through the front yard and the eerie  voices calling out to Dash from the lighthouse--a lighthouse that hasn't been operational in a hundred years. . . .

So Dash has a new plan for his summer vacation. . . . Survive.

Full of unexpected twists, Are You Afraid of the Light? begins a delightfully creepy graphic novel series that readers will devour. (But keep a flashlight handy.)

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