Calico Critters Fairy Tale Friends

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Fairytale Friends is a limited edition set which includes a septet of poseable costumed Calico Critters baby figures from the Amusement Park Series. Baby figure styles include the Bubblebrook Elephant baby in green, Raccoon baby in yellow, Outback Koala baby in orange, Cream Cat baby in pink, Buckley Deer baby in purple, Acorn Mouse baby in blue and Brown Rabbit baby in Red. The costumes are removable and compatible with other baby size figures from Calico Critters. Collect all Limited Edition Amusement Park Series sets including Veggie Babies, Ice Cream Cuties, Costume Cuties and more and have a costumed parade! Calico Critters is a unique and adorable range of distinctive animal characters with charming and beautifully detailed homes, furniture and accessories. They live, work and play in an idyllic and wonderful place called Calico Village. These timeless, classic toys promote wholesome family values. Suitable for children ages 3 years and above.

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