ESCAPE: Toy Factory 368pc

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After acquiring unexpected wealth on your latest adventure, you have realized a childhood dream and bought your own toy factory. It was surprisingly cheap and once the purchase agreement was signed, the previous owner quickly disappeared, tires screeching. He was suddenly very in a hurry … Overjoyed you start working and you completely lose track of time. It is already late at night when suddenly a deafening alarm sounds. You jump up and run to the production hall. When you throw open the door, you hit a nauseating smell of chemicals and you can't believe your eyes. Toys are moving all over the room! It's all crawling over the machines and conveyors towards you. Their terrifying faces and mean muzzles with evil eyes make the blood clot in your veins. You break out in a cold sweat and you feel the panic coming into you. Your thoughts run wild in your head. What can you do? Flee? Or should you stop this horror before it gets worse? Wasn't the previous owner talking about a vital machine, a kind of shredder, which is now defective? You can only end this nightmare by destroying all the toys! But how do you get this shredder to work and how can you safely store the chemicals? Because they are undoubtedly responsible for all evil! The escape room concept now also exists as a Ravensburger puzzle! Puzzle, guess and solve. Do you manage to solve all the riddles and also find the last puzzle piece? A mysterious illustration plunges puzzlers and players into a mysterious world from which to escape!

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