Love Designs Milestone Baby Monthly/Birthday

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Each birthday is a milestone! This milestone sign doubles as a Baby monthly milestone sign as well as annual milestone Birthday Sign so you can continue using after baby reaches 12 months. Simply write “years” or “months” in the age area!  Add some fun with this keepsake prop to capture your child’s ever-changing personality!

Size: 11×14 inches

*Eco-friendly and non-toxic

*Matte finishing

*Waterproof and UV protected surface means high durability and prevents colors on design from fading

For our faux chalkboards, we recommend the brand of Chalk Crayons we carry as they have been tested on our boards and most compatible with our signs. We cannot guarantee the quality of other brands of markers. Alternate brand recommended for our signs: is QUARTET Glo-write Markers. Results may vary from brand to brand.

Always test alternative brands of markers to ensure removability prior to usage made for either whiteboards or faux chalkboards.

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