Here’s how you play…

The most innocent looking person begins the game as the Confessor. The Confessor picks up the top Confessions card and reads the statement aloud.

Here are a few Confessions card examples:

  • To this day, I still find it highly arousing when…
  • I sometimes judge people based on…
  • It’s embarrassing to admit, but my doctor once told me…
  • I once slept with someone who was…
  • A date I was on went awkward when…

They will now finish telling the story started by the card by either revealing something that’s true or by telling a believable lie.

The other players all vote on whether the confession they’ve just heard was either a true story or a lie. Once everyone has voted, the Confessor will reveal their actual answer and if true, they may choose to elaborate on the juicy details.

As Confessions is a bluffing game, there’s no need to worry if you don’t want to reveal all your past indiscretions. Simply make up a story and see if you can convince your friends that it’s true.

If you enjoy playing games like Cards Against Humanity, Truth or Dare & Never Have I Ever, it’s likely that you’ll LOVE playing Confessions.

Each Confessions pack includes 308 cards (298 Confession cards & 10 voting cards).

Confessions can also be played as an adult drinking game and the alternative drinking rules are included with the game.

Due to the adult nature of the Confessions game, we recommend that it’s played by guys and girls who are 17+ years of age.


Confessions of Secrets & Lies: The Game


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