• MINDJOB is an addictively fun adult party game that blends psychology with profanity to mess with your mind. This social, interactive and brutally competitive game grants you license to swear at your friends, laugh at their mistakes and dole out some punishment. Not only will it make you think…and drink, but finally your filthy mouth will pay off!
  • Unlike most games where you only compete against your opponents, in this game you are your own worst enemy. A lifetime of swearing, reading and identifying colours has lulled your brain into autopilot when performing these tasks. To win, you must conquer these hardwired connections before your brain outsmarts itself. But let's be clear, this ain't brain training. It's brain un-training…and it hurts. But it's pretty fun to watch and even more fun to play!
  • The game is based on three mindbending rules that require you to either identify a colour, say a swear word or catch a mistake. In rapid-fire succession players take turns flipping over their cards, calling out the correct response and catching one another's mistakes. Although the main objective is to win, it can be just as fun trying to make someone lose.
  • Once you've mastered the main rules you can Increase the challenge by choosing from more than a dozen optional NSFW rules (blue cards). Or, if you really want to add fuel to the fire, turn it into a drinking game by throwing in some of the drinking rules (red cards). You can modify the game at the start of every round by selecting different optional rule cards to keep it fresh.
  • Best served cold at house parties, pregame sessions, brewpubs, game nights, at the cottage, or as a gift. Offering a mix of competitive tension, friendly rivalry and plenty of laughs, it's the perfect cocktail for your next social occasion. 

Mindjob - Cigar Box


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