Sensory Collage Kit

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Get a feel for art! Learn by sorting and classifying the materials. Build descriptive vocabulary and develop sensory awareness with an incredible variety of textures. Make your artwork stand out! First sketch a rough drawing onto large art paper then outline your artwork in black marker. Think about textures and colors then find just the right sensory art materials. Cover each part of the drawing with glue. Drop materials onto glue and let dry for a sensational eye-popping illustration! 20 sensory art packs.


• Large Balls (Yellow) 226 g
• Medium Balls and Ditali Noodles (Pink) 226 g
• Small Balls (Purple) 226 g
• Sticks (Orange) 36 g
• Noodles (Green) 170 g
• Red Spectrum Mosaics 113 g
• Diamonds (Pink) 102 g
• Green Sticks Card 30 g
• Double Color Mosaic Squares (Yellow) 102 g
• 1″ Tissue Paper Circles (Lavender) 20 g
• 1″ Tissue Paper Squares (Apricot) 25 g
• Tissue Paper (Powder Pink) 10 g
• 0.25″ Cubes (Blue) 10 g
• 0.5″ Circle (Teal) 16 g
• Tissue Paper Washer Style (Purple) 14 g
• Plox (4 different colors) 28 g each

• Long White Stringy Paper 16g
• Idea guide    

Age: 4     Made in USA

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