Sneak Snacky

May 29, 2015

Here's a game that all of our staff who have tried it love it! (Melissa & Heather & I love, love, love this game!)

The game we love so much is "Sneaky Snacky Squirel" by Educational Insights.  This game is great for ages 3 to about 9 (my 9 year old likes to play it with her brother).


The general idea is that each player gets a tree stump and you win when you are the first to fill your stump with the acorns. To get there you must spin the wheel and take turns picking up the correct acorn. There can be some strategy involved for the savy older kids too.  The "sneaky" part of the game is when you land on one part of the spinning wheel that allows you to sneak an acorn from another player. There is also a feature on the spinning wheel, wind, that blows all of your acorns out of your stump and you start all over! My son gets quite excited anticipating the spinner landing on that one!


We all love it because it is simple and very interactive. The kids get to use little squirrel shaped tweezer/tongs to pick up cute little rubber acorns from the tree (box) and place them into "tree stumps." The preschool teacher in me (yes that was my previous career) love that kids are working on fine motor skills and are having so much fun doing it. There is also the colour matching concept great for the early preschoolers. And with all games they are using language skills, working on turn taking and all of the great social/emotional development that comes from game play.






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