Founded in Vancouver, BC, RIPR was conceived by two buddies who like to go to the beach during the day and compete in numerous outdoor games. One fateful day, when Kyle steamrolled David in the head with a frisbee, a question arose, why are frisbees made like this? A considerably stupid and pointless question, David and Kyle found themselves chatting on the size and rock hard nature of the flying disc. Wouldn’t it be great if we could fit it into our pocket on the move? Wouldn’t it be nice if it did not concuss David every time he attempted to catch it? This chat led us to thinking about a smaller, faster and softer disc which is known today as the RIPR Disc.

“We looked up frisbee alternatives and thought that a mini disc would be fun, fast and more convenient. We wanted it to be an easy item to bring along on outdoor adventures and simple to use so a range of skill levels could have fun with it.”

RIPR Disc wants fun filled times for friends, to help with an active lifestyle and bring people into the outdoors. At our simplest level, we want to support people in having fun, whether that be meeting for a picnic, hanging out at the beach or trying to get their bodies moving, RIPR is easy to use for all. Grab one today and go out for a rip.