Fundraising Program

Do you have a school, non-profit or charitable organization?


We get a lot of donation requests from various schools and non-profit organizations, but as a small business, we don't always have the resources to provide cash or product donations. To ensure that we can do more to support our community, we've designed a special fundraising program to help out.

If you're part of a school, non-profit preschool, non-profit organization, charity and are in need of some fundraising, we have a great option  for you.

Promo Code Fundraiser - We will give you a promo code to share with your friends and supporters. The promo code will be active for 24 hours online and for one day in-store. Your friends and supporters can shop in store or online, use the promo code and 20% of sales using that promo code will be donated back to your school or organization. 


These programs are available on limited basis and not available in November & December. Please contact us via message, email or phone call to discuss your fundraising opportunity.

*Program is available to public schools, non-profits and registered charities. 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 250-372-3500