BRIO Farm Railway Set

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Take the train out to the farm on the single loop track, past the cow and the horse grazing in the field and deliver the hay bales. Drive the train to the barn and unload the hay into the double height barn. The mechanical, magnetic crane hoists the hay into the hay loft for winter storage. Use the crane to slide the hay out and into the farm tractor and hay wagon and drive it out to the livestock. Turn the bright red knob to raise and lower the hoist. The hay wagon has 2 dowel pegs to secure the load for transport. When it’s time for the animals to move inside the barn load them into the train car with the help of the fold out ramp and pull the car with the engine. It’s hours of farm friendly fun with the Farm Railway set. A 20 piece set with train engine and cargo car, farm tractor and hay wagon, 2 story barn with hay loft, special track crossing section, magnetic hay bale, a cow, horse, 2 fence sections and a “cow crossing” warning sign. Ages 3+.

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