Donation Requests

Tumbleweed Toys is committed to supporting children & families in Kamloops and surrounding
communities. We focus our charitable contributions on organizations that serve children and
families in this area.

- Donation requests must be made a minimum one month in advance,
- Requests must be made for products, we do not provide cash or monetary donations or
- Due to the overwhelming number of requests each year, we request that groups request
donations not more than once per year.

In order for your request to be considered please submit the following information:
- Organization name
- Date of request
- Full address of the organization
- Tax ID number for registered non-profit and charitable status
- Please describe how your program or service impacts the community
- Brief description of request for donation
- Cover letter on the stationary of the non-profit organization or letter of donation request

Please drop off the request letter at the store or email: [email protected]

Due to the overwhelming number of requests, we regret that we are unable to grant every
request. If your request is denied, please accept our best wishes for success in your endeavors.

Only organizations with accepted requests will be contacted either via email or phone as we
can not always respond to the number of request we do get.