Squishmallows Children's Vest - Holly The Owl

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Add this ultrasoft Squishmallows plush character vest costume to your squad! This velvety soft owl plush character vest costume is made with high-quality and ultrasoft materials. The detailed owl plush character vest costume Holly is the Squishmallows who loves to dance! The soft owl plush character vest costume is the perfect trick-or-treating outfit to show off that you're a part of the Squish Squad. Collect your Squishmallows plush character vest costume! Join the Squad!


  • Grow your Squishmallows Squad with Holly, a super-soft, collectible plush character vest costume
  • MEET HOLLY She loves to bake cakes and dance
  • Bring the fun home with this Squishmallows plush character vest costume, made with ultrasoft, high-quality materials, and velvet exterior
  • Squishmallows plush character vest costumes come in a variety of fun personalities, making it easier than ever to become your favorite Mallow!
  • 1 Squishmallows 10-Inch Holly The Owl Plush character vest costume

  • Youth size “one size fits all”
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