Academy for Roblox Pros Graphic Novel #1: Attack of the Zombies

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Mitch and his friends thought that they were having an average day at school. Their principal, Principal Borelox, was being awful as usual, and Roger and his cronies were getting on their nerves. But when Mitch accidentally spills his drink on his computer in the tech lab, something miraculous happens. A door appears out of nowhere with the symbol of their favorite video game, Roblox. Well, Mitch and his buddies just have to check it out!

Stepping through the door, the kids are immediately transported into Roblox Academy, a blocky world where they are all avatars of themselves. Can the kids get to the bottom of this digital world ... or will the mysterious villain, Mr. Warlock, turn them all into zombies!? Read and find out in this illustrated unofficial Roblox graphic novel series!

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