Azul - Mini

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After over 2 million copies sold, Azul is back in a mini format. With this new edition, players can now play this classic anywhere they want!

Azul is a tile-placement game where players compete for the highest score by claiming tiles and arranging them on their board to score points. Extra points are on offer for collecting sets of the same colour of the tile, or for creating particular patterns, while there are penalties for taking tiles you're unable to use. But every tile that you claim affects what your rivals can take next. You'll have to make choices that help you without helping them too much!

  • Ages 8+
  • 2-4 Players
  • 45 minutes of playtime

Contents: 100 Resin Tiles, 4 Player boards, 9 Factory displays, 4 Scoring markers, 1 Starting player marker, 1 Linen bag

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