Cauldron Quest

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An evil spell has been cast over the realm and it is up to you and your fellow wizards to brew a magical potion to counter it. Beware you will have to find all the ingredients and avoid the evil wizard in order to be successful.

In Cauldron Quest players will be working together to discover the hidden ingredients and move them to the cauldron in the center of the board. It is not going to be easy however as the evil wizard will be moving around the board as well casting spells and blocking your way. Get all three hidden ingredients to the the cauldron and you win!

To set up Cauldron Quest players place the board in the center of play along with the two sets of dice (the Action dice and Magic dice) and the Spell Breaker Token. Players then randomly choose three cauldron ingredients to place in the center of the board on the cauldron space removing the remainder from play. The six Potion Bottles are then shuffled with the ingredient image face down and one bottle is placed on each of the six starting spaces around the outside of the board (see image below). The Path Blocking tokens are then placed near the board face down and shuffled. Lastly the Wizard Hat token is placed on the Wizard track in it's starting position.

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