Chewigem Chubes Necklace - Blue

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Chubes are a hollow silicone chew that are perfect to tie onto those hoodie strings or can be threaded onto a cord for a necklace.

Chubes come in a set of 4 so that you can have hoodie string chews as well as a necklace. If you don’t use them for hoodie strings you can choose to add one, two or all 4 Chubes to the cord. You can make extra necklaces with extra cords so that you have a chewable necklace for home and another for school or work.

They have a matte finish and are a flexible silicone for mild to moderate chewers.

We’ll add in a spare rugged cord so that you can have an extra Chube necklace – keep one at school and then one at home!!

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