Jelly Fish Diver in Beaker

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Learn about pressure and buoyancy with this clever little Jellyfish Diver!

It's a fun, educational and hands-on science experiment for the engineering and biology-minded mini scientist!

Drop your little jellyfish in a plastic water bottle and squeeze to make him bob and dance.

Your pack includes one coloured plastic jellyfish. Requires a refillable water bottle (not included).

How to squeeze and use:

  1. Squeeze the bottle hard and your jellyfish will sink quickly. Similarly, your jellyfish will float up when you let go.
  2. When your jellyfish is moving up, try squeezing and releasing the bottle over and over again. Your jellyfish will rotate and dance as it moves back up the bottle!
  3. Adjust your holding pressure to keep your jellyfish still in the water.

Coming in three vibrant colours (blue, white and orange) chosen at random.

Please read the package instructions prior to use.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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