12" Animated My Pet Puddles

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My Pet Puddles is an interactive best friend who reacts to pets and cuddles, just like a real dog! This adorable plush puppy dog features super-soft yellow plush and emits lifelike tail movements and gentle yipping sounds, whether you touch his back or “boop” his nose. Perfect for dog parents and fans of yellow Labradors! Winner of the National Parenting Center Award in 2020.

Like all of our animated plush toys, My Pet Puddles is held to high safety standards, including embroidered features and a hidden battery compartment secured with a touch-and-close fastener. Three AA batteries are included with each unit, so Puddles is ready to play right away! Puddles is surface-washable and appropriate for ages one and up. Do not attempt to machine wash or use hash chemical cleaners.

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