Aquabeads Elegant Charm Set

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This is the set for designers who love the old-world elegance found in princess movies around the world! This theme refill set comes with a key charm-base and a mirror charm-base to create elegant key chains. Designs snap into place on the backs of the key chains, and the designs are interchangeable so you can choose a new style everyday! Jewel beads are included to really make your key chains pop.
When done designing, just spray your creations with water, no heat is required. Suitable for all children ages 4 and up.

Box contains
1 x Elegant Charm Set

【Box Contents】
1)Comes with 2 charm bases to create elegant key chains!
2)The bead designs are interchangeable, so you can choose a new style everyday
3)Contains over 300 beads in 7 different colors, including dazzling Jewel Beads!
4)Suitable for ages 4 and up
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