Criollo Definitivo Mare

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The vast lowlands of Argentina are where you'll find the Criollo Mare. From its signature braided mane to its compact, muscular frame, the Criollo Mare figurine from Schleich is an authentic replica of this high-endurance horse from the Pampas region.

  • Detailed & Authentic. The hand-painted braid is a tribute to the Criollo's rich heritage…one of the realistic touches that make Schleich horses famous the grasslands to the hills.
  • On the plains of South America? At a horse salon? Where will your story begin?
  • Crafted to last for generations, this Criollo figurine is rugged and dependable, just like the Criollo horses she's modeled after.
  • Collectible Toy Horses. Every Schleich toy horse is of high quality and hand-painted…round up the collectible Criollo Mare to add to your assortment.
  • Horse Gifts for Kids. Giddyup! Makes a wonderful gift for horse lovers ages 5 and up.
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